Dental assistants

Flexible, they take care of decontamination, sterilization, preparation of clinical procedures, chairside assistance to Dr. Leclerc, clinical and administrative management of patients’ files and appointments management, according to Dr. Leclerc’s expectations. They are monitoring quality and teaching oral hygiene techniques. Their role is to take care of the patient from the beginning to the end of an appointment.


Certified Dental Assistant since June 2002, trained by Dr. Leclerc since September 2000.

  • In charge of the organization of the clinical room
  • Treatment coordinator



Certified Dental Assistant since 2006, she joined the office in September 2009.

  • In charge of supplies ordering
  • Clinical assistant



Certified Dental Hygienist in Quebec in 1998, she joined the office in February 2003.

  • Clinical assistant
  • Treatment coordinator
  • Front desk manager




Certified Dental Assistant, she joined the office in June 2007.

  • In charge of hygiene and sterilization
  • Clinical assistant
  • Treatment coordinator
  • Maintenance manager



Dental Assistant.



Dental Assistant in formation. She joined the office in February 2018.