Doctor JF Leclerc did More than 87 lectures in France and 5 Continents, principally into beauty, facial harmony, and sleep apneas. He also has a great expertise in Lingual Orthodontic, digital treatment with aligner technology from Invisalign, SureClear, and SureSmile robot new technology.

  • 2019

“Lingual Trip for adventure Lovers!» 8th World Society of Lingual Orthodontics 4-6 th July, 2019 Barcelona Spain
«Le syndrome d’Apnées du sommeil de l’enfant : un enjeu de santé publique !»  6th June, 2019, Mairie du Vésinet

  • 2017

"Is digital orthodontics technology helpful for implant cases?", 7th WSLO meeting, June 29-July 1st Bangkok, Thailand.
"Individual case review" Doctors symposium digital orthodontics see the future soak up the secrets February 9th, Los Cabos, Mexico.

  • 2015

"Orthodontics next generation: what are the tools of the virtual new technology in 3D", 2nd Annual World Congress of Oral & Dental medicine, November 1-3, 2015 Dalian, China.
"Lingual orthodontics: from the beginning to the new technology in 3D what is the true?", VIth WSLO World Society of Lingual Orthodontics, July 3-5, Seoul, Korea.  
"New generation of orthodontics software: updates of Invisalign software, and SureSmile 7.02", 15 April, Le Vésinet France.
"Interest of Suresmile set-up with 3D technology" roundtable Suresmile doctors symposium, 25-28 February, Curaçao.

  • 2014

"Start a case with Suresmile robot technology" roundtable Suresmilelive meeting 9-10 October 2014 Monaco.

  • 2013

RIP: reduction interproximal: “in search of mirror polished”; the 16th orthodontics journeys FFO November 8-11 Paris France.
“Smile wireless, and without metal! The aligners, the new generation of orthodontic " in Le Vésinet 19 September 2013 and 4 December 2013, and for the IMF December 6th 2013
« The Invisalign Clincheck with Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Treatment:
How to build and manage the use of clear aligners with implants, periodontics, prosthodontics, and speech tongue thrust therapy », Invisalign European Summit, 2013 May 23-26 Roma Italy.
« What diploma course for qualified specialist in Orthodontics and after graduation; what exercise? « Carrefour trades, High school Alain, January 19th2013, Le Vésinet France.

  • 2012

«Sleep apnea disease: Children and adult treatment” 14th .21th September 2012 Le Vésinet France.

  • 2011

"Traitements des apnées du sommeil de l’enfant et de l’adulte", Le Vésinet, September 14 & 21.
"Understanding unusual treatment plans decisions", WSLO meeting, Osaka, April 3.
"Comment dépister le syndrome d’Apnées du sommeil de l’enfant et de l’adulte ?", in collaboration with Docteur Thierry SEAILLES, Le Vésinet, January 13 and March 2.

  • 2010

"Interdisciplinary Success: the different stages", 9th ESLO Meeting, London, England, July 8-11.
"La gestion tissulaire épithélio-conjonctive et osseuse dans les cas d’absences de dents, comment gérer la multidisciplinarité ?", SFODF Meeting, Saint -Malo, May.

  • 2009

"Lingual orthodontic management of an anterior edentulousness case." 3rd WSLO Meeting,  Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 4-7.
"A propos du sourire" 3rd French Speaking Orthodontic Meeting, Tozeur, Tunisia, April 16-21.
"Orthodontie et traumatisme des dents antérieures" 3 rd French Speaking Orthodontic Meeting, Tozeur, Tunisia, April 16-21.

  • 2008

"Orchestrer la multidisciplinarité et gérer les phases de chaque praticien." 8th ESLO meeting, Cannes, France, July.

  • 2007

"The evolution from the past to the present", 4th ASLO meeting, Hervey Bay, Australia, August.
"Clinical cases", 4th ASLO meeting Hervey Bay, Australia, August.
"The patient and the Doctor: mini-screw versus orthognatic surgery for open bite cases", 2nd WSLO meeting, Seoul, Corea, July.

  • 2006

"After the smile, Facial Harmony", 1st WSLO meeting, New York, USA, March.
"Après le sourire, l’harmonie faciale" Mimesis, Lourmarin, France, October.
"Le remodelage amélaire proximal : rappel", SFODF, Paris, France, November.

  • 2005

"Aesthetics: a Vision", 2nd International JALOA meeting (Japan Lingual Orthodontic Association), Tokyo, Japan, March.

  • 2004

«Le plan de traitement pluridisciplinaire chez l’adulte» Mimesis, Saint Maximin France, October 2004
« Aesthetics the Visual Perception approach» Vth. ESLO Meeting, Barcelona, Spain July 2004
“Synthesis on Smile and Facial Harmony” Visiting teacher at the University of Lyon, Postgraduate Program, March 2004

  • 2003

«Invsalign et cas traités».1ère Journée Invisalign, Paris, September
«Aesthetics One Vision» Kiefer Orthopaedic Gesellshaft Hamburg November

  • 2001

«Esthétique et stabilité, un non sens». SFODF, Paris, November 2001         
«L’utilisation des cales en composites» Société Française d’Orthodontie linguale, Paris, July 2001

  • 2000

Elected Chairman for the International Congress of ESLO (European Society of Lingual Orthodontics) – Brussels, July 2000. Topic: The balance of the smile ®
«Why focus on the smile?». IV European Society of Lingual Orthodontics Congress – ESLO, Brussels, June

  • 1999

«Study and Criticism of surgical cases» - ICLO (International Congress of Lingual Orthodontics) - Japan
«Study and Criticism of surgical cases» - KSLO (4th Korean Conference of Lingual Orthodontics) - Korea

  • 1998

«Lingual orthodontics cours» - Hamburg.
Round table « Wire and Ligature selection » - SFOL - Paris.
Auxiliary appliances associate to lingual orthodontics » « make your laboratory easier » « Laboratory techniques » - ESLO – Rome. (European Society of Lingual Orthodontic)

  • 1997

«Journée de l’Orthodontie» : SFODF (Société Française d’Orthopédie Dento-Faciale)
«Unusual cases with Lingual appliance»: Vail USA Insider’s Club meeting.
«How to use Osteo-integrated implants and lingual orthodontic».
«Abrasion and bruxism are there counter-indications of the placement of lingual or labial brackets?»: June 1997 Monaco, 70ème Congress de la SFODF (Société Française d’Orthopédie Dento-Faciale).
«Is there any counter-indications with lingual appliance?»: ALOA (American Lingual Orthodontic Association)

  • 1996

«Lingual orthodontics: The right way for aesthetic» EOS European Orthodontic Society 72 congress Brighton.
«How to manage some Lingual Cases», 2nd ESLO Meeting Monte Carlo
«How to approach lingual after ten years of using lingual orthodontic?». SFOL Paris.
«Is there Limits of stripping» University of BERLIN.

  • 1995

 «Electronic microscope study of restructuring proximal enamel Congress SFODF in St Malo.
«Bonding in lingual orthodontic». SFOL Paris.

  • 1994

«Implantologie et orthodontie linguale des cas d’équipe», «La sous-segmentation». SFOL Paris.

  • 1993

 «Story of three Clinical Cases». ESLO European Congress of European Society of lingual Orthodontic-Venice-Italia

  • 1992

“Lingual in 3 Dimensions”. Insider’s Club Meeting, Steamboat Spring,U.S.A.
«Lingual orthodontic in daily life »: Leclerc, Fillion, Duqué, Baudoin. American Association of Orthodontist St Louis U.S.A.

  • 1991

«Why is lingual orthodontic in progress?», Fillion, Leclerc. Société française d’Orthopédie Dento-Faciale - Lyon
«L’orthodontie linguale, une réalité» : XVII Entretiens de Garancière.
«Le RAP : Remodelage amélaire proximal» CIOL : 1er Congrès international d’orthodontie linguale - Paris

  • 1990

«L’orthodontie linguale : Les nouveaux matériaux» Congrès de l’ADF.

  • 1989

«Another Way to be C.L.A.S.S.» American Lingual Association, 2nd Meeting Palm Spring U.S.A.

  • 1987

«Lingual in France» American Lingual Association, 1er Meeting Washington U.S.A.

  • 1984

«Heurts et malheurs de la mise en place des canines incluses». SFODF Lisboa - Portugal

  • 1981

ACOSY : «Orthodontie Pré prothétique.»