Each case is unique!

If you believe that yourself or your child might be in need of an orthodontic treatment, you are probably right.
There is probably an orthodontic problem if teeth are looking « crooked », crowded or spaced, or if upper teeth look in a too anterior or in a too posterior position.

Some specific young patients may have to be treated early or later.

Growth, breathing, tooth eruption… and many other factors are to be taken into consideration when making a decision about the ideal moment to start the treatment. The uniqueness of the patient comes first!

Only a qualified orthodontic specialist with extensive experience and long-term vision can best advise you about the ideal age for treatment start and about the techniques that will be used.

After having assessed each patient’s case, Dr. Jean-François Leclerc establishes a diagnosis and a treatment plan. He might advise to consult one or several other specialists, as listed previously.

Two types of appliances are possible for orthodontic treatment. Either fixed appliances or removable appliances.