Orthodontics for teenagers

From 12 to 17 the permanent dentition appears, along with the second molars.
Children are experiencing a new period of growth, the pubertal development phase, with its hormonal and psychological changes. Orthodontic treatments during this phase will take all these factors into consideration.

Teenage is the final period of  the skeletal growth of the human being ! This is an opportunity to treat before the end of this period of growth.

Dear Parents,

Think about your teenagers… the earlier their treatment will start, the more you will please them in their early teenage period.
However, it must be stated that some treatments are longer, due to the complexity of the case, for example when retained cuspids, dental agenesia and major skeletal discrepancies are present.

Also, please consider that – for the same diagnosis – the treatment plan would be different in adulthood, possibly involving orthognathic or maxillo-facial surgery.

On the other hand, the Social Security will reimburse the treatment provide it is initiated before the age of 16.