Adult orthodontics

There is no age limit for orthodontics.
More and more smile-conscious adult patients are asking for an orthodontic treatment.


Adults have seen treated children, friends and colleague. They are now aware of the possibilities and results orthodontics offers: nicely aligned functional teeth generate a good and healthy personal image and a beautiful communicating smile.  

A nice dental alignment means a more inviting smile et a youthful image.

How is it possible?

Dentistry or Odontology made huge progress.
For 30 years the dental specialty underwent a constant scientific evolution, along with basic research, biological research and high-tech imaging and materials.
Computerized and robotized CAD-CAM 3D technologies are today becoming real in orthodontics, implantology, orthognathic surgery, prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry.  

Are treatment plans different for adults and for children?

Yes. Most often they involve multidisciplinary procedures.
Bone density in dental supporting structures is less important, adults often suffer tooth loosening, dental wear and tooth shredding… this is the reason for restorative dental works often must be done before orthodontics, it may even be necessary to use implants during the orthodontic treatment. Qualified orthodontic specialists are teaming with other dental specialties: periodontics, endodontics, conservative dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, fixed or removable prostheses, are all participating to the restoration of a balanced smile and of facial harmony.

Any adult orthodontic treatment will need a diagnosis, a preparation of the periodontium, a scaling, a surfaces planing and a learning of dental hygiene techniques. This periodontal monitoring is essential before, during and after treatment, in order to keep the dentition, the bony supports and the gums healthy.

In adults, depending on the initial pathology and on the desired results, treatment duration may vary  from 9 to 30 months.