Lingual orthodontics

To correct a crooked smile with a non visible appliance that will remain hidden to anybody’s eyes is a new unique event in the history of orthodontics.

Lingual orthodontics allows the practitioner to treat patients who don’t smile any more and are not ready to accept a visible buccal appliance.

With lingual orthodontic aka non visible orthodontics, attachments are positioned on the internal surfaces the teeth through a CAD-CAM technology. Lingual attachments are custom-positioned, which allows very accurate movements. Uncomfort from the attachments – related to the proximity of the tongue – has been greatly reduced and adaptation is faster.

A lingual orthodontic treatment is possible in nearly all patients who refuse a visible orthodontic appliance.

Treatment duration goes from 12 to 30 months, depending on the complexity of the case.

Orthodontic treatment Dr. Leclerc - Le Vésinet